Is Songstress Keke Wyatt Pregnant with Baby #10?!

RnB songstress, Keke Wyatt, is a mother to 9 children. She gave birth to her 9th baby last year, which is for her ex-husband. A few months after giving birth, Keke married her now husband, Zakariah David. If she actually is pregnant, this will be the 1st child for the 2 together.

Keke, during 1 of her recent performances, was grabbing her stomach a lo, which led fans to believe that she may be pregnant once again. Pictures and videos surfaced and I am not gonna lie...I could see why people are saying that. It looks like it is a BIG possibility. Keke hasn't confirmed or denied anything yet.

Check out the pics and videos below and see what you think!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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