Danity Kane is Unrecognizable and Black Twitter Goes In!

I don't even really know what to say about this. Do you remember Danity Kane from back in the day? They were 5 female girl group that Diddy put together. They broke up, and they are back together, trying to resurrect Danity Kane and their careers. This time around tho, there are only 3 of them: Dawn Richard, Aubrey O'Day & Shannon Bex. People don't believe tho! Aubrey posted a picture of the 3 girls, and they look nothing like the girls that we remember. They have gotten so much work done that they are unrecognizable. Personally, I don't think that Dawn & Shannon look that bad. It is Aubrey that looks terrible. It looks like her face will melt off if she gets to close to a flame! I don't know what she was thinking.

Check out the "NEW" Danity Kane below and see what people are saying!