The Diva Chaka Khan said " Do Not Call Her A Comeback Kid"

Chaka Khan doesn't like talk that she's mounting a comeback.

The soul diva tells Billboard that while she's about to release her first album in a dozen years, she's "been on the road constantly." Like many others who broke through in the '70s and '80s, she was simply "doing the songs that everybody loves to hear. Nobody was asking for nothing new."

Except the artist herself. Hotel Happiness reflects her current state of mind -- especially after undergoing rehab for prescription drug abuse following the death of her good friend  Prince .

Now 65 and coming up on the 44th anniversary of her first Rufus hit "Tell Me Something Good," Chaka Khan credits "nothing but Jesus" for her longevity -- and expects to be performing when she turns 90. She explains, "Artists can’t retire from this... That’s the difference. We weren’t trained in colleges, we don’t have any degree. We can’t [quit], because it’s a calling."

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Lady Cha Cha

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