Charlie Wilson Returns With Powerful New Song 'Superman'

Charlie Wilson has returned with a powerful new song called "Superman," and it's inspired by his wife and a deeply personal turning point in his life.

"Superman" is Wilson's first new song in several years, and talks about being at the lowest point in his life while attending a drug rehab center, and meeting his wife, Mahin, who was a counselor at the facility. Meeting Mahin changed his life forever, as her love and support would help turn his life around, transforming him into "Superman." A press release explains, "When he was at his lowest, the love and support of his future wife transformed him into Superman, allowing him to fight his demons, get clean and sober, and return to his career faster than a speeding bullet." Charlie has remained sober and married to Mahin for the last 28 years.

In the song, he sings, "Put my cape/ On my back when it felt unattached/ When I was at my 'Lois'/ You saw superman/ It’s a bird it’s a plane/ Call me your superman."

Listen to Charlie Wilson's new song "Superman" below.

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