Ciara Delivers Wholesome New Song 'Treat' Ahead Of Her Upcoming Project


Photo: Jeff Vanags for Ciara and Rice Krispies Treats

Ciara has been serving up delicious bops for years, but there's something wholesome and sweet about her latest song that her fans and families everywhere will love.

On Tuesday, June 21, CiCi released her new song "Treat" in partnership with Kellogg's Rice Krispy Treats. The harmonious banger is "nonstop family fun" that was inspired by traditional values that she practices everyday with her husband Russell Wilson and their children. "Treat" is a family affair in every way thanks to the adorable vocal contributions from her own children, Future Zahir (7) and Sienna Princess (4), who sing along with their mom towards the end of the track.

Ciara, Future & Sienna

Photo: Jeff Vanags for Ciara and Rice Krispies Treats

"We just want to see everyone living their best lives! It doesn’t have to be the most glamourous activity," Ciara told iHeart. "It’s really about having a good time with your family. I’m gonna be having a good time with my babies in the video as well, so I’m excited."

Ciara has major plans for the upcoming music video for "Treat." Fans will be able to get in on the action by posting their favorite family moments on TikTok. All fans have to do is share any kind of special moment on TikTok by using the “Treat” audio and the hashtag #OurTreatEntry for the potential opportunity to be featured in Ciara's new music video --- and to win a year's supply of Rice Krispies Treats. Ciara, who just welcomed her third child Win Harrison into the world in 2020, understands how meaningful family moments can be for both a child and his or her parents.

“When we sat down to write ‘Treat,’ we were so inspired by the sweet traditions shared by families like ours,” Ciara explained. “As a mom and busy parent, I know the power of finding connection in the smaller things and the magic that music has to bring us together, which is why I invited my son and daughter to sing on this track with me! It’s a little moment of love we’ll always remember, and we cannot wait to see what our fans will share on TikTok to help us finish the music video."

Ciara's new song "Treat" arrives a few weeks after the singer teased her next big single. Earlier this month, the iconic dancer posted a couple of videos that gave fans a taste of her upcoming song "J.U.M.P." So far, CiCi hasn't provided a lot of details about her intentions for the record, but it's a positive sign that she's preparing the follow-up to her 2019 LP Beauty Marks.

"All I have to say is it could be sooner than you think!" Ciara told iHeart about her new project. "I am so excited about what I have been working on and I can’t wait to share it with the world."

Listen to Ciara's new song "Treat" below.

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